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Study Touts Sustainability of Corrugated Shipping Boxes

by claydelgado

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Corrugated packaging materials remain at the top of the list of most recycled packaging materials, as per the latest statistics. With over 29 million tons or 91 percent of the collective amount of corrugated recyclables, the humble box remains an important tool in logistics. This is primarily thanks to its low cost and ease of use.

Even though the packaging industry only received 1.7 percent of the recycled corrugated boxes, the numbers couldn't be more substantial. With sustainability in mind for many companies, there's a need for quality corrugated shipping boxes to be usable time and time again. Thanks to recycling, the duty of a corrugated box doesn't end in the local landfill. This sustainable cycle can benefit companies in the form of a seemingly-endless supply of boxes to use.

This high recovery rate wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for sustainable practices from end clients. The American Forest & Paper Association reported that at least eight out of ten Americans drop off their recyclable waste at certified recycling programs. This provides the manufacturers with a steady stream of corrugated material to use.

The simple act of recycling, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, can divert at least 60 million tons of waste from landfills. Paper-based products such as corrugated boxes comprise more or less a tenth of the waste composition of a typical landfill. This means landfill mass can be reduced by more or less a tenth of their typical size by recycling paper-based materials alone.

The quality of boxes made from recycled corrugated boxes isn't much of a problem for most users. These boxes have also undergone the same process as fresh corrugated boxes, from a big roll of industrial-grade paper to the finished product. In fact, the recycled paper itself undergoes total renewal, having the same caliber of quality as fresh paper for a fraction of the cost. This translates to the lower cost the users have come to appreciate about corrugated packaging materials.

Visit the website of the Corrugated Packaging Alliance at for more information about the latest study. Ask your local packaging supplier for your packaging needs such as boxes and carton sealing tape.

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