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An Accident Injury Attorney Who Listens

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As one of the largest law firms in the South Bay/Chula Vista areas of San Diego, The Sexton Law Firm has built a reputation based on honesty and understanding with our clients. If you are looking for an accident injury attorney, you are probably going through a very difficult time. Our accident lawyers understand just how worrisome this can be. That is why the first thing that they will provide is a listening ear. They will take the time to listen to what happened, how it happened, and what that means for you moving forward. Will you have to go for physical therapy? Did you suffer brain damage? Has doing simple day-to-day tasks become very difficult as a result of the accident? Each of these questions, which our accident lawyers cover during the free initial consultation, will help them to determine how strong of a case you have, what you could reasonably expect as compensation, and how our firm can help you get fairly compensated and move forward.

Should our accident injury attorney inform you that you have a reasonable case, you will then decide if you want to proceed with our firm. Should you choose to do so, our accident lawyers will tend to all of the concerns relating to your lawsuit, from dealing with police reports and hospital records to insurance companies and legally required paperwork. Our experienced team will keep you abreast of developments and delays relating to your case so that you feel comfortable with the process, but they will save you the hassle of coordinating all of these things on your own. Rather than spending dozens of hours attempting to discern a complicated process, you will have our experienced team who have years of experience handling cases similar to yours.

Although putting your case in our team’s hands significantly improves your chances of being fairly compensated for your injury, the most valuable thing that our accident lawyers can offer you is peace of mind. At a time in your life when that is extremely difficult to come by, you will feel confident putting your case in our hands because it will relieve the stress and the burden of uncertainty that can come either with attempting to handle the case on your own or hiring less experienced accident lawyers. You will know that your case is in the most capable hands, enabling you to focus on your recovery rather than your compensation. After all, you can put your case in the hands of an experienced accident injury attorney, but only you can focus on recovering and/or learning to adapt to life with your injury.

If you’ve been injured in an accident in San Diego or Chula Vista, contact our offices for your free consultation. Our accident lawyers would be happy to hear your story, provide an assessment of your case, and speak with you about how they can help get you the compensation you deserve. We look forward to working with you.

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