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Putting on a Game Face with Smart Corporate Branding

by sharondahead

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People’s faces typically speak volumes about who they are—their character, disposition, and what they do. A worn and weary face might indicate someone who's had it tough, for instance; a tanned face with deep-set wrinkles and crow’s feet could be indicative of an outdoorsman. At times, you may not remember an acquaintance's name, but you may still find his face familiar.

Corporations and businesses have similar faces in the form of logos. New companies that are seeking to build a reputation can, through their logo, help consumers better understand what they stand for, and what sort of the products they carry. Businesses should count on smart corporate branding principles to produce a logo that positively projects the company's face, and speaks volumes about them to their market.

For a logo to be memorable, it needs to feature something unique or intriguing that engages its viewers in thought processes, rather than just showing another picture. If a logo can be easily associated with its company without a single caption, then that’s proof enough of its effectiveness. Achieving an iconic image is the result of careful design consideration and understanding public perception. By assessing what draws a crowd and provokes their thoughts, it's possible to produce a logo that's not just attractive, but iconic as well.

In the way national flags use symbolism, creative corporate branding could depict deeper themes. For instance, one may choose to incorporate images that are already considered symbolic of specific concepts, such as a dove for peace or a rising sun for the future. The choice of colours is also influenced by what people generally associate particular colours with.

Logos are visual elements that can help consumers identify and remember companies. Everything the business stands for is embodied by its logo; thereby evoking familiarity with clientele through the mere appearance of this corporate seal. For this reason, any company would need to pay close attention to the design of its logos, mindful of how it constitutes the corporation's face in the public eye.

People have faces; and companies have logos. As a face presents a single person, a logo represents a group of professionals, a movement or cause, a philosophy, or a business enterprise. For tips on logo design, see

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