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Distance Learning Finance: An At-Home Degree with Enormous

by studyabroad

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Have you ever wondered how Wall Street hotshots and other financial wizards got their initial opportunity to work in such lucrative fields?  In most cases, it was a college degree in finance that gave them their start, and while going back to school may sound like an impossible feat at this point in your life, you may be surprised by how easy it is to get your degree through one of the many distance learning programs in finance.  In this article we will briefly define how the distance learning process works, followed by a discussion on the vast opportunities available for finance graduates.


Distance Learning Finance:  How Does It Work?


Right now there are literally thousands of people on the West coast who are working towards their degree in finance—and they are taking their classes from a college or university on the East coast.  Flip that around, and you’ll also find the same number of East coast students studying at schools in the West.  So how is this possible?  It’s called distance learning, and while this type of educational delivery model has actually been around for decades, the prevalence and popularity of the Internet have now allowed this form of education delivery to explode exponentially throughout the country.


Distance learning in finance is a degree program in which the instructor will lecture, demonstrate and provide course assignments online, essentially eliminating the need for a classroom.  Students will complete their assignments independently and return them to the instructor electronically, using course materials and the Internet for reference.  And because most of the work for these courses is self-regulated, students can work at their own pace and at any time during the day or night.  This makes earning a degree in finance much more convenient and realistic for those who might lack the time or financial resources to attend a traditional, brick and mortar university.


Students who wish to study via a distance learning program are not restricted by geographic proximity.  They are free to choose from thousands of schools and programs, and choose from the one that offers the perfect fit with regard to their educational requirements and career goals.  And because this form of education is much more affordable for both students and the college that offers it, the number of programs and degrees offered by the various colleges and institutions is only expected to swell in the next several years.


Distance Learning Finance:  The Potential


Those who graduate from a distance learning finance program have the potential to join the masses of other finance majors who are now major players in the U.S. investment industry—the people who ensure that both private businesses and government agencies are able to procure the funding they need for their daily operations.  Finance majors can go on to careers as financial brokers, financial planners, bankers, hedge fund managers and scores of other careers in the finance industry. 


Due to the recent recession, opportunities for those with a finance degree dipped slightly in 2008-2010, but 2011 has seen resurgence in the stock market, and with that resurgence there has been a number of jobs and career opportunities added throughout the country—and this is a trend that experts expect to continue.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, between now and 2018, the number of jobs added for positions throughout the financial sector will significantly increase, and the demand for qualified financial professionals will grow accordingly—a statistic that bodes very well for those considering a distance learning finance degree.


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