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The Best Manchester Roofing Materials for Your Porch

by joannwinton

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New Hampshire is part of the aptly-named New England region where the Pilgrims first landed. Thus, if you live in Manchester, you earn the distinction of living in one of the earliest English settlements in the United States. This is one reason why you shouldn't be surprised if your neighborhood still has traces of this early Colonial history in their homes.

One example of these traces is the porch roof (literally, a roof on the porch) which was certainly a European influence that came to the Americas during the founding of the first colonies. Nowadays, it's more or less common throughout the rest of the world simply because it is quite easy to build and maintain. One Manchester roofing company has plenty of experience working with this type of roof that they can create one using any standard roofing material:

Asphalt Shingles
Normally, these materials aren't recommended for places that experience heavy snow fall, like New Hampshire. However, aesthetics are very important when constructing a porch roof and asphalt just happens to offer the wonderful blend of beauty, ease of use, and affordability. A specific kind of asphalt shingles, called architectural shingles, can provide an even more beautiful roof since they tend to look thicker than other common shingles.

Metal Roofing
Metal is highly recommended if your neighborhood experiences exceptionally snowy winters, since it is not only weather-resistant but inexpensive as well. With the proper installation, a metal porch roof can last for about 50 years and wouldn't demand you to call in your favorite contractors for roof repair in Manchester NH. However, metal is difficult to work with and requires professional help for installation.

Ceramic Tiles
On the other end of the spectrum are ceramic tiles that can create a porch roof that is very durable and beautiful to look at, albeit for a hefty price. These tiles are very difficult to make and are carefully formulated so that they won't absorb moisture from rain or snow. However, you must be willing to pay a huge sum if you want to have a porch roof like the ones in the Mediterranean.

Porch roofs aren't really necessary for a Manchester home, but they help emulate that old Colonial atmosphere which the city owes its history to. Fortunately, there are plenty of professionals who can help you achieve just that. To learn more about porch roofs, visit: and

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