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Reasons you should not neglect your Air Conditioner

by AlexBlaway83

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Without proper maintenance, any piece of equipment will fail to achieve its performance potential. In much the same way, a poorly maintained air conditioning unit can cause a wide variety of problems, both safety related as well as health related. Let's look at three important reasons why one should schedule regular maintenance and repair of an air conditioner with a top-quality heating and cooling company.

Energy Usage

Air conditioners draw a great amount of electrical charge as they pump cool air into a home or business. And if parts of an AC unit are broken, clogged, or under performing, that energy usage can increase due to the system running more frequently. Imagine the following situation. Two air conditioners provide climate control to one office building. One unit is in prime condition while the other is nearing the end of its useful life. Which will run more frequently and thus use more power? It would be the one in the poorest condition.

Personal Health

Although improperly maintained AC units can raise energy bills beyond reasonable levels, they can also have a negative effect on one's health. If a ventilation/air conditioning system is circulating pollen, dust, and germs around a facility, it could cause allergic reactions and sickness to some of the people in the building. This is only another reason why AC repair is so critical. By removing clogged filters, cleaning air ducts, and improving air flow in a building, air condition repair technicians can improve the overall environment of a home or business, and halt the spread of harmful substances in the air.


AC repair is also important in regards to safety. If an AC unit is left in poor condition, it could spark a fire and destroy surrounding structures and vegetation. Despite the fact that fires are often associated with heaters more than air conditioners, according to data from the US Fire Administration, more than 2,000 AC fires strike American homes and businesses each year. Don't fall victim to such a calamity. Get your AC repair done today, and worry less tomorrow.

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