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Know More About The Predictions Based On Sun Signs

by leoturpin61

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The Sun sign astrology is that form of Astrology which is most commonly followed the world over. Listings of predictions and luck for the next week are often found in various newspapers and the columns of magazines. It is a very simple system of Astrology that has 12 Zodiac signs. Each month has a designated horoscope signand is called the sun sign or the star sign of the person.

The zodiac signsof each person is said to depict a person’s basic qualities and astrologers consider these basic twelve fold divisions and relate all the present movements of the planets using the traditional and conventional rules for divine meanings for every sign. Since the moon has the fastest significant movement of all Heavenly bodies, it is used as a major indicator of the routine trends for the Sun sign’s astrological forecasts.

As with the zodiac signs horoscope, it is said to be a pseudoscience as per the community of the scientists. Unlike the olden days today astrology as well as horoscope reading is no longer considered taboo, in fact these are based on scientific theories and a lot of calculations go in behind predicting one’s future.

Planets in the Sun Signs astrology possess a meaning which is different from the modern understanding of astronomy of the planet. Before the telescopes were introduced, the night’s sky was believed to consist of 2 similar types of components: the Fixed stars, which remain motionless with relation to each other, and the wandering stars which moves relative to Fixed stars across the year.

To the Greeks and other earlier astronomers, this set comprises of the 5 planets which are visible to our naked eyes, and excludes the Earth. Although the term "Planet" when applied only to the 5 objects, this term was broadened, significantly in the middle Ages, for including the sun and the sun , making in all 7 planets. The astrologers retain the definition even today.

To the modern day astrologers, the Planets represent some of the basic drives and the urges in an unconscious, or the flow of energy regulators by representing the dimensions of an experience. The horoscope signs represent themselves by various qualities in the 12 signs of the zodiac and also in the 12 houses.

The modern day astrologer’s readings vary on the origin of the influence of the planets. One has written that the planets exert this directly across gravitation or any other unknown influence. Others say that planets do not have any direct influence on them, but are the mirrors of the basic organized principles of the universe. The basic Patterns of universe repeat themselves everywhere, in a fractal like fashion, and according to the principle-"as above so below”. Thus, the Patterns which the planets design in the sky represent the Ebb as well as the flow of the basic impulses of humans. The Planets may also be associated, especially in the Chinese tradition, along with the natural forces.

The Sun Sign horoscopesare determined based on the month and date, a person is born. One can read classifieds in newspapers and magazines that have lengthy and accurate horoscope readings based on the sun signs. The,Sun sign compatibility of two people describes their compatibility with each other. But, the sun signs are depicted differently by different astrologers. Sun signs throw a lot of light on the basic temperament and also nature of a person. Most people who are born on the same month and have the same sun sign tend to have many characteristics alike. This is why sun signs are sometimes matched to get a better understanding of how two people of different sun signs will co-exist together.

Astrology is picking up with each day and more and more people today resort to finding out about their future through this scientifically proven methodology.


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