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Laparoscopic Gastric Banding – Not A Stand-alone Weight Loss

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Laparoscopic Gastric Banding is a weight loss surgery, which is very safe and effective; serious complications are also rare in this procedure. It limits the amount of your daily intake; this is why you experience gradual weight loss post-procedure. However, gastric banding is not a stand-alone weight loss solution; to be effective, the people must be screened to see whether they qualify for the surgery. Follow up care, along with healthy diet and exercise, is also critical to how much you gain out of your surgery.

Your surgeon places an inflatable band around the upper portion of your stomach; this creates a whole new stomach (or, pouch), which is much smaller than your original stomach size. So you feel fuller much sooner than normal.

You should also know that people who have laparoscopic gastric banding experiences slower weight loss as compared to those who have gastric bypass. However, there isn’t any problem if the weight loss is slow, but consistent.

Though this obesity surgery in India is a low-risk procedure, the complications are possible, which may include infection of the band, and movement of the band up through the stomach or slippage.

It is to be kept in mind that though weight loss surgeries, like laparoscopic gastric banding, cause more effective and consistent weight loss, they have to be supplemented by diet and exercises. In fact, post procedure you’ll be required to eat and drink in a whole new way, which your care team will teach you even before you undergo the surgery.

Gastric bypass is another very effective obesity surgery in India; it is, however, more intense and effective. It involves reducing the size of the stomach to create a small pouch (new stomach) and then attach this pouch with the small intestine, bypassing its first segment. However, it’s not for all. Your medical history and general health status will be taken into consideration while deciding on your eligibility for the weight loss surgery.

The outcome of your surgery also depends on how well-experienced and professional your bariatric surgeon is. There are countless hospitals out there, so finding a good one won’t be difficult.

Last, but not the least, follow up sessions are equally important. So, make sure you never miss out on these sessions, and inform your care team the moment you experience some unusual bleeding and/or pain. Also, do not take any over-the-counter medications without consulting your care team.

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