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Report Cyberbullying to Get Rid of It

by anonymous

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Cyberbullying can be of different types. Internet harassment poses one of the biggest threats to children these days. It thus becomes essential to report cyberbullying, so that children can be protected from the harms that bullying or cyberbullying poses.

Here we shall explore the different forms of cyberbullying and how important it is to report cyberbullying of different types:

1. Cyber Stalking: It refers to transmission of messages to threaten or intimidate a victim that might increase concerns of a child about his/her well being and personal safety.

2. Degradation: This is generally in the form of rumors or unfounded gossips to break up friendly relations with the victim and degrade his reputation.

3. Harassment: This refers to sending harassing, rude or offensive messages over the cell phone or online to disturb the victim.

4. Impersonation: This refers to presuming a false identity and send materials that damage reputation of the victim, in an aim to land him/her in trouble.

5. Flaming: This is a highly abrasive and aggressive form of intimidation that aggressors use with an aim to start fights with a preteen or teenager.

6. Text Messages: These can be sent over phone to get the victims into trouble.

7. Password Theft: Gaining access to the password of a child and allowing others to hack as well.

8. Web Sites: Web pages or web sites filled with statements, rumors, images or defamatory remarks to cause emotional distress or humiliate the victims.

9. Posting Photos: Pictures of videos which are embarrassing in nature can be posted online to humiliate the victim.

10. PC Attack: Children today are skilled in computer technology. A bully may send spyware, Trojan or viruses to infect the system of others, in an act to harass them.

11. Proxy Attack: Bullies can encourage others to get involved into dirty works and encourage them to participate for “fun” and cause further damage to their image by humiliating them.

The different types of cyberbulling mentioned above can be dangerous and thus must be reported to schools, governing bodies and the concerned authorities. If your child is being bullied constantly, you must keep records of all Internet activities that include chats, emails, web pages or instant messages. You can use this information against the bullies.

People, especially children have a natural urge to respond to bullies. Parents must educate children to ensure confidentiality of their personal information and never share details like address, phone number, password etc with a stranger. Parents must make it a point to file complaints with website or Internet service provider if children are being threatened constantly. Apart from this parents must also monitor computer usage by kids and restrict the Internet activities to just few hours. Cyberbullying has become one of the rising threats of the society that must be addressed on time to curb the ill effects and protect the society at large.

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