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3 Things to Know about NJ Egg Donation

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For women who want to have their own child, but their body seems to not allow it, there are already several ways to remedy this. There are, in fact, various technologies and scientific procedures that can be done in order to help you get pregnant. Among the most common and successful methods would be the In Vitro Fertilization or IVF. This is a technique wherein the egg of the woman and the sperm of her partner are combined in a laboratory. This is done to create embryos. For single women who want to undergo this, there are also sperm donor NJ facilities that they can explore.

Choosing the right specialist

First and foremost, if you are going to undergo the IVF procedure, one of the most important things that you must never forget is to seek advice from a fertility specialist NJ-based laboratory. This is for you to be assured that such procedure is, indeed, the most suitable for you and your partner. Well, not because you and your partner is having infertility problem, it will already mean that IVF is the automatic and instant answer. There are some cases that this may not work at all to a particular couple. Hence, proper checkup and screening administered by a professional should be done.

Screen Test Procedures

Secondly, before you transact with sperm donor NJ-based facilities, both the man and the woman should undergo some screening tests or procedures first. For example, before being a recipient of egg cells, the health condition of the uterus should be ensured. Several tests are being administered in order to check that there are no other complications that might endanger the well-being of both the woman and the fetus upon pregnancy. Aside from that, the male partner will also undergo some preliminary sperm and blood tests. Hence, while this could be quite tedious and time-consuming, you need to keep in mind that these are necessary.

Before the Embryo Transfer Procedure

Thirdly, there are also some measures that you must observe before the transfer of the embryo. This is specifically about the hormonal therapy, which should be done with a Fertility Specialist NJ. Such measure is in order to make sure that the uterus of the mother is prepared to accept the said embryos. Once the transfer is done, then the recipient should maintain particular hormones. This should remain until the 10th or 12th week of the pregnancy for sustainability of the first trimester.

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