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Who should redouble her oral health care

by dentalnews

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Who should redouble her oral health care First, patients with diabetes Generally, there are more than 5 years history of diabetes, one hundred percent are suffering from periodontitis, and the rapid progression of the disease. Patients with halitosis obvious,dental light cure,loose teeth, teeth surrounded by thick liquid overflow. Diabetic patients should attach great importance to oral hygiene, while in the active treatment of diabetes, every three to six months to conduct a periodontal treatment, it can avoid the pain of toothache, and can significantly prolong the duration of use teeth, loose teeth reduce shedding. Second, patients with stomach People susceptible to bad teeth, stomach, on the contrary, patients with stomach also susceptible to dental problems. Some people may have noticed, at the junction of the gums and teeth, teeth appeared grooved defect, medically known as wedge-shaped defects, which is very common dental problems, stomach most patients have such dental defects, according to research, which may and hyperacidity related. Sooner or later, to ensure that patients with stomach brushing twice, returning immediately after acid mouthwash, dental defects found should be promptly repaired. Third,dentist light,blood diseases Various types of anemia, thrombocytopenia, leukemia and other blood diseases predispose to periodontitis and bleeding gums, oral mucosa are also prone to infection. Since many patients with oral complications of blood, leaving sicker, and even lead to death. Therefore, patients with severe disease liquid gargle daily use to prevent infection and bleeding gums. Fourth, poor physical fitness of children Generally, three children under the age of easy to get sick, its poor physical fitness, often prone to tooth decay, therefore, poor physical fitness of children is to prevent dental caries focus groups, you can use fluoride iontophoresis, caries gel and other measures to prevent tooth decay. Five adolescent girls Some girls after puberty, gonadal dysfunction due to the body, there may be menstrual cycle instability. These adolescent girls particularly prone to periodontitis. Manifested as red, swollen gums,Teeth Whitening Machine,bleeding, loose teeth can be severe, shift, a gap between the front teeth, affecting beauty. Adolescent girls should pay attention to maintaining oral health, found that dental timely treatment. But also to treat menstrual disorders and other systemic diseases. Six, pregnant women Pregnant women are most prone to dental crowd. Most pregnant women during pregnancy complicated by varying degrees of periodontal disease during pregnancy. Pregnant women can occur a few gums hemangioma. Pregnant women are particularly prone to brush your teeth bleeding gums, but also prone to periodontal abscess and toothache. As the saying goes: "one child, lost a tooth." Visible pregnant women are very prone to dental. In fact, as long as the pregnancy pregnant once before scaling teeth, then it will not be complicated dental problems during pregnancy it. Seven, in menopausal women 50-year-old women, because estrogen in vivo reduction prone to osteoporosis and bone atrophy. The first bone tissue around the teeth loose atrophy. Because periodontal tissue atrophy, root gradually exposed. When confronted with sweet and sour, hot and cold and other stimuli, which felt sore gums. Menopausal women should be more and more dairy calcium intake, massage gums once a day, which can delay the periodontal tissue retreat, or even periodontal tissue, teeth become more solid.