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Micron Associates internet scam reviews, ‘Like’ if you’ve be

by joanjenner95

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Hitting the “like” button on Facebook seems innocent enough but your likes might not be used for what you think.

A new social media scam has emerged. “Like farming” is when social media users are posting false pictures on Facebook to farm “likes”.

“Ninety-three percent of Facebook users engage in some form of 'like' behaviour monthly,” writes digital consultant Beverly Crandon in her article: “What does a like to your Facebook fan page really mean?”

The “like” button has long been used as a promotional tool for businesses, according to business community manager, Rebekah Monson. The like button has now been changed to be the Facebook substitute for “follow” or “share.” This means that any item “liked” will automatically be shared to your Facebook wall and your friend's feeds making “likes” highly sought after, so much so, that people are using back-handed methods of obtaining them for different reasons.

Some of these people are merely amused by the sheer amount of fake likes they can get. Others send you to pages you have no intention of visiting. It is even a clever marketing technique. US online company CafeMom posted “Click 'like' if you love your kids!” This post got their page over 1.3 million “likes”.


“Like farming” also involves selling these “likes” for cash. After the “likes” skyrocket to the thousands, maybe millions, they are then sold to businesses as part of a Facebook page. The business now has access to the newsfeeds of all who “liked” the picture and floods their pages with promotional material.

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