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Checking Out Motor Graders for Sale? Important Buying Tips t

by patriawilliam

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Motor graders are heavy equipment used for excavation and precision finishing for pavements. To perform these functions, they are equipped with a large shovel-like blade between the front and rear wheels. This blade is called the grader, and can be operated either mechanically or hydraulically. If you want to check out used motor graders for sale, inspect the following before you make a purchase:

Look for Fishplates

Upon inspection, look out for fishplates around the equipment's frame. A fishplate is a metal reinforcement placed over or behind a repaired crack within the structure's frame, to help distribute load and force, away from the repaired portion. Ask your dealer if the repair was done by a reliable and professional mechanic. Otherwise you might be off to a poor purchase that will require you to spend a lot on repairs.

Check the Circle

The moldboard, the grader's curved blade portion, is attached to a mechanical circle just above it. This contraption allows the operator to adjust the angle and tilt of the moldboard when doing fine grading tasks. Check the circle for any signs of wear or corrosion. You also need to make sure that it's properly aligned, otherwise it might cause uneven wear.


While you will have to repair and replace the moldboard and its cutting edge regularly, you can save up on replacement cost by choosing a unit that still has a sturdy moldboard and a large-enough cutting edge. For full efficiency, the moldboard should be straight.

Hydraulics and Cylinders

Before you head over to the engine, check the ground beneath the machine's hydraulic lines for any leaks. Leaking hydraulic fluid can warrant a pretty expensive repair, so it might be best to avoid buying a unit springing a leak. Then, check the engine compartment; inspect the cylinders, hoses, and lines for leaks or other types of damage.

Buying used motor graders should be done after an appropriate inspection for quality and durability. After your purchase, there's still another thing you need to do to constantly keep your grader in excellent condition: proper maintenance. Learn about how you can do this from

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