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How to have sensual lips?

by gregore

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If you weren’t born with stunning lips, you are not alone. Most women didn’t get the lucky DNA for a perfect mouth. Your lips are an important aspect of your face and one of the first things that the world at large notices when they look at you. Being uncomfortable about the impression your lips may make can cause a lack of self-confidence. Feeling awkward about your appearance can impact your relationships with colleagues, and how you engage friends and family. Low self-esteem is hard to combat. Fortunately, the cosmetic procedure known as lip augmentation can provide what Mother Nature did not. Houston women can acquire a full, luscious, and sensual mouth thanks to the wonder of modern plastic surgery.

The importance of a qualified and skilled plastic surgeon

A highly skilled and board certified Houston lip augmentation surgeon is essential to ensure a positive outcome to the lip enhancing procedure. You are most likely aware of some lip surgeries that have not gone well. The procedure is safe and effective producing positive results. A good surgeon is key. There are several varieties of lip augmentation procedures. When you consult with your surgeon, he or she will go over the available options in great detail. They will help to establish the best surgery for your facial structure, and will endeavor to provide the look that you have in mind.

Some of the procedures that are offered

Liposculpture uses unwanted fat from other areas of your body that is injected under the skin. The results are excellent. This type of augmentation will last up to twelve months. Women often prefer this procedure because it is considered natural since it uses your body’s own fat cells. Another procedure involves the injection of Restylayne. The effects are immediate. This is an FDA approved course of action that can last up to a year. These procedures are used to increase the volume of either or both lips and provide a satisfying and safe alternative to the lips with which you were born. For more information about lip augmentation procedures, click here.

Do you really need lip augmentation?

Women who typically have lip augmentation in Memorial Plastic Surgery do attain a more youthful and exciting appearance. If your lips are small, or thin, or perhaps they are colorless, you will benefit from an augmentation procedure. Your lips can be sculpted and shaped to perfection. Well-defined lips are attractive, and add vitality to your face. Women of all ages derive immediate and positive results from the enhancement. All surgical procedures have the potential for risk, but in the hands of a good surgeon there are minimal side effects.

A lip augmentation procedure is generally performed with a local anesthetic. The surgery is usually completed within two hours, depending on how involved it is, and materials that are used. You may experience swelling that might last for a few days to a couple of weeks. The result will be a pair of beautiful lips that will be all you desired and more.

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