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Eye Wash Stations: Some Information That One Has to Know

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Eye wash stations are for the first time introduced in the year 1981 and from then on there have been a few revisions and we have the latest version on hands. It is the OSHA, the regulatory agency for work places that has specified the necessity of these emergency eye wash stations in the work place. Their necessity is extremely high when the work place includes some corrosive material and there is a potential risk that the employee may get exposed to the same. It is the responsibility of the employer to have the appropriate equipment to flush and quickly drench the person’s eyes in case of an emergency. Delay in such an action would definitely lead to loss of vision or any kind of impairment to the eyes.

There may be vapors or corrosive material which has the potential danger to cause irreversible damage to the human tissue at the point of contact once it has been exposed to the substance. Eye wash stations have to be placed in such areas where the injured employee takes minimum possible time to reach the eyewash station. Generally it has to be within ten seconds. These areas must also be well lit and be available on the same level too. If possible there also has to be a sign placed so that employees can identify it easily.

There are also the portable eye wash stations which can be carried from one place to another and installed in the close vicinity of the employees where there is work being done. One very important thing that should be noted is that these stations have to be maintained from time to time. And most importantly, all the employees should be trained in how to use these stations. Especially those who have a potential risk of getting exposed to chemical splashes or hazardous materials or in some cases dust too. It is imperative that workers learn how to operate the eye wash stations so that they can prevent an injury that will hamper their vision.

You will have to decide upon the kind of eye wash station that will be best for your facility. There are personal eye washes, there are gravity fed eye washes and plumbed eye washes and also the faucet mount eye washes. There are also the emergency showers too all of which work towards deluging the foreign entrant into your body out of your eyes. Based upon the business, one has to choose the right eye wash stations.

Supply Line Direct is one such online hub and a nationwide distributor too of a wide range of safety related products. The eyewash stations are an integral part of the first aid items that work facilities need to stay invested in keeping in mind the safety and security of the employees. Portable eye wash stations can definitely give you the added flexibility that is needed in the work place. Given the dynamic nature of the work place, it definitely pays off to stay invested in both types of eye wash stations. Take a look at the wide range of products that are available at the store to pick yours.

Hilman Jhon is USA Author. He provides national distributor and online supercenter of safety supplies,janitorial supplies and shop and warehouse equipment.He has applied his knowledge and understanding to a wide variety of Eye wash stations and Portable eye wash.

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