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Italian jeans: Can they be worn to work?

by dressspace

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There is no reason why one cannot wear jeans to office. Unlike micro skirts, which can be really skimpy and can cause distraction amongst male colleagues, jeans cover the legs adequately and do not give out any undesirable impression. However, some offices are run under old prejudices and customs and require their workers to wear more formal dresses. Hence, some offices still strictly forbid their employees to come to work clad in Italian jeans. But because jeans offer great comfort and are not vulgar in any way, so many modern-day offices are relaxing the rules and allowing their employees to wear them.
Some offices do not permit their employees to wear such casual attires on a daily basis but give permission on certain selected days.
Office rules aside, here are some of the advantages of wearing jeans to work:

i. Relaxed atmosphere: Casual clothes always help the employees to feel at ease. The atmosphere also gets a bit more relaxed when the outfits are no longer too formal. Informal dresses would invariably give a strong positive boost to the morale and spirit of the workers. This, in turn, can increase harmony and help the managers to coordinate departments much more effectively.

ii. Low employee turnover ratio: It has been observed that when offices relax rules and allow employees to wear jeans, then the organization experiences low employee turnover ratio and a higher employee retention ratio. It goes on to show that workers feel much more homely and personally attached to companies if the organizations give them some personal liberty. Organizations where the norms are too stringent may often make the workers feel choked, thereby prompting them to quit once they get better alternatives.

iii. Less sickness: Italian denim brands are not just sophisticated and urbane, they are also extremely comfortable and hygienic. Thus, employees tend to enjoy better health when they are clad in a pair of jeans. These days, people often have to stay at work places for long stretches of hours, even up to 12 hours. So, it makes sense to allow them to wear clothes in which they feel completely comfortable. As long as the attire does not cause any scandal, it shouldn’t be an issue with the authorities. Therefore, jeans are fast enjoying approvals by offices of today.

iv. Employees enjoy financial benefits: Employees enjoy financial benefits with jeans since these clothes do not come with heavy maintenance cost. Besides, Italian denim brands can be quite affordable. They are certainly highly durable and thus last for many months, even years. Hence, employees who have meager salaries can save a lot of money if they are permitted to wear jeans. It is, thus, a win-win situation for both the employee and employer.

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