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Buying electrical appliances for today’s modern kitchens

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Our kitchens and home laundries today are so different to those of our mothers and grandmothers. The biggest difference is the technology and appliance we now use every day to help us with our household chores.

Style and functionality have been important to families for hundreds of years, this is nothing new. What is new is just how many appliances we use in our homes and the care and attention to take to ensure they match the design of their surroundings.

Our homes are our havens and today, we want to have the very best life has to offer, we want our homes to look beautiful as well as provide comfort. Nearly all homes now will have dishwashers, washer dryers, rangemasterrange cookers, or washing machines and tumble dryers.

Regardless of the type of appliance you are planning to purchase, you will want to choose one which complements the style and décor of your kitchen or laundry, and the rest of your home to some extent.

Traditional country style kitchens

Wooden finishes are still extremely popular. People love the idea have having a warm and inviting country kitchen to come home to, even when they live in big urban areas, the attraction of bringing the countryside indoors is too much to resist. Colours are warm and natural and appliances tend to be fitted within the wooden cabinetry so that the modern metal finishes are covered up by warm glowing wood.

Contemporary Kitchens

These styles of kitchen are extremely popular when space is at a premium. Contemporary kitchen design provides amazing use of space saving gadgetry with hidden cupboards and fantastic never ending kitchen drawers! A trip to Ikea will give you a real indication of how much fun you can have with a contemporary kitchen. Appliances can be fitted into these kitchens too, although many people like the addition of stainless steel or black appliances to stand out against the bright colour and smooth finishes of a contemporary kitchen. The secret to a good contemporary kitchen is to make it bright, clean and functional with a modern beauty.

French rustic kitchens

French style kitchens are really popular, especially with avid home cooks and lovers of all things gastronomy. A French rustic kitchen, very similar to a country kitchen uses a gorgeous blend of wood and tiles and stone like granite or marble to create a blend of colours and textures. French rustic kitchens also look great when there is an eclectic mix of old and new in terms of furniture and appliances. If this is the type of kitchen you are hoping to create, then your appliances should either be well disguised within old reclaimed wooden cupboards, or you should go for appliances with an older 50s or 60s feel to them. Accessories in a French rustic kitchen tend to have more iron based appliance and big chunky chairs and table.

Thinking about all these different design features and styles when you are choosing your appliances will help you decide on a style and look that is perfect for you. Many people use the ended for a new appliance to re-vamp the look of their kitchen just so they can try out a new on trend style.

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