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Safeguarding your Personal Information

by rubybadcoe

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Although the widespread availability of information has made daily life easier, it has also created new opportunities for identity thieves. Every year, more than a million people in Los Angeles fall prey to identity thieves. Hence, it is necessary to be extra careful when it comes to handling, storing, and disposing documents that contain vital personal information. Companies and individuals should seek the help of Los Angeles shredding companies to safeguard their personal information.

Shredding is an effective way of destroying documents, as it turns them into fine strips that will be difficult or impossible to piece back together. Some shredders in the market today have the ability to distinguish parts of the document that have important account and personal information, and make it a point to cut those areas finely. There are also models which can cut up credit and identification cards.

So what should you shred? Experts recommend shredding anything that includes your Social Security number, birthdate, PINs, and passwords. Although credit card offers may not contain plenty of information about you, information as innocuous as your name and address could be used by identity thieves to find out more information about you.

Hold on to credit card contracts and other loan agreements as long as the account is active in case you get into a dispute with the lenders over the terms of the contract. Financial statements that have tax and long term significance should be kept for at least seven years. A great tip would be to shred the monthly statements after receiving the annual statement and confirming that all the numbers add up.

A lot of thought should also be put into how the shredded items will be discarded. Before throwing out shredded documents, it's a good idea to throw them in separate bins to make it impossible for criminals to piece them back together. Businesses that require high levels of confidentiality often entrust document disposal to professionals who also take care of their records.

It is a common misconception that most cases of identity theft happen online. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to undo the damage identity thieves can inflict on your credit score, so it's better to be safe and contact Los Angeles shredding companies. To learn more about protecting yourself from identity theft, check out

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