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Best Silver jewelry Necklaces And bracelets

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Sterling silver jewelry is one of the most flattering accessories men can wear. Because it’s made with small amounts of copper, it’s extra durable and strong. However, proper care needs to be taken to ensure that it stays true to its original form.

To clean sterling silver necklaces, make use of a non-abrasive cleaning cloth to polish it on a weekly basis. Regular use of gentle soap and water will help rinse dust off, and dry it with a soft cloth. Avoid the use of abrasive textures such as paper towels or tissue paper, as this may leave marks or scratches on the surface of your accessories, including sterling silver rings. When you aren’t wearing your silver accessories, they should be stored in a cool, dry place, safe from moisture and air. Ideally, you should use a zip-lock bag and even cloth pouches to keep them away neatly. It is also recommended to store them individually so that they don’t scratch when they mix with other pieces.

Sterling silver jewelry can also be worn in a variety of ways to suit each person’s individual character. At Just for Men jewelry, we offer Inspiration Message Bracelets to help bring out the real person who wears them. With themes including Life, Luck, Honor, Faith, Survivor, and more; you can express more when you wear your simple but meaningful bracelets. They also make ideal gifts for your loved ones, including sterling silver necklaces. Limited edition pieces are also available, as well as Remembrance Bracelets for those who intend to honor loved ones who may have passed away.

We also have sterling silver rings in plus sizes, which are ideal presents for loved ones. They make great gifts for Father’s Day, graduation, weddings, anniversaries, and even as a thanksgiving gift for Groomsmen who participated on your special day. If you are out to impress, our selection of sterling silver cufflinks will certainly do the job. Combining masculine and elegant design, each cufflink is made from our traditional .925 sterling silver is the perfect gift, packaged in its own unique gift box. They make classy additions to any formal attire, for men of any age. Nothing says a man has truly arrived like wearing any of Just For Men’s cufflinks, whether they be sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, or are combined with ebony and gemstones.

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