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How to Find the Top Water Softener Phoenix has on the Market

by Watersoftener

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Searching for home water softener systems can be difficult in the greater Phoenix area, because the region's known to have among the most extreme hard water levels in the nation. There’s lots of competition among water treatment companies to land your business. To find the superior water softener Phoenixhas to offer, you’ve got to be a savvy shopper and know exactly what to look for. What follows are some tips on finding the best water softener for Arizona that can handle the challenges of desert hard water.


 Go with an experienced, reliable local independent distributor, instead of working with big box stores or proprietary franchises. Big box stores offer low priced systems that are of substandard quality. They are often constructed outside of the U.S. and are made of inferior materials. Expect to be making frequent repairs with cheap. Low flow rate “rotary” valves and weak cross-link resins that disintegrate in the high chlorinated and heavy mineralized Phoenix area water. And when you need to have these systems serviced, you’ll need to call an “800” number to speak to someone outside of the area.


Getting parts for these systems can be a nightmare. So, although they are an inexpensive purchase, they can add up in repairs.


You’ll find higher quality water softeners with proprietary franchises, but they’ll also come at a very high price. These are the companies that rarely quote prices to you over the phone and send a salesman to your home to work you down to buying a system after a boring 2-hour presentation. They’ll throw in “good for today only” discounts and add freebies like gifts you don’t want or need, including boxes of detergent. These salesmen work on commission, so they’ll try anything to get you to pay their crazy prices for a water softener system.


Instead, trust a local independent distributor. First of all, they understand the challenges of Phoenix area hard water. They will customize a system to fit your needs and your budget. They are available to not only sell the system to you, but they remain with you, serving you through the lifetime of your new system, from installation, to maintenance, to repairs. To get the best water softener Phoenix has on the market, you need to shop from the best water treatment company in the area. That company is Clear Water Concepts, servicing water treatments systems in the greater Phoenix area since 1998. For the best water softener for Arizona, visit Clear Water Concepts online at


Judy Johnson lives in Charleston, West Virginia. She is currently retired, but she does act as a valuable resource about whole house water filters and other water filtering systems provided by companies like Clear Water Concepts. She spends the majority of her time gardening, dancing and hanging out with her dear friends.

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