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Rotary Evaporator Is An Essential Item Used In Chemical Labs

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A Rotary Evaporator is usually used in labs for effective and subtle removal of solvents by evaporation from samples. This is also used molecular cooking for preparing extracts and distillates. It is the most suitable partner for all routine rotary vacuum evaporation at schools, colleges, universities and mid-size and small companies. The primary advantages of this product are that it comes with flask ejector for simple removal of evaporating flask. It acts as a digital temperature controller for water bath. The evaporator is smooth, user friendly and maintenance free.  Rotary evaporation is normally applied for separate low boiling solvents from compounds that are solid at pressure and room temperature.

Other essential product used in labs is a Slide Staining Rack. This is made with glass and comes with a capacity of 10, 22, and 25 slides. If you choose to get it from Medica Instrument Mfg Co, then you can get it with a loose lid. These are crafted for easy individual holding and bulk staining. It is a great storage system that is extremely beneficial. These are resistant to all solvents and chemicals that are used in staining. There is no requirement for removing the slides for drying. It can withstand temperatures up to 80ºC.

Medica can also provide other essential items for your lab, which includes a Vacuum Gauge Controller. The high accuracy gauge controller provides pressure measurement and process automation available in one instrument. It is compatible with 4 measurement principles like cold cathode, hot cathode, capacitance diaphragm and Pirani. It has quite a wide range of power supply. It comes with a high resolution and has a versatile and compact model.

At Medica you can be assured of getting different instruments under leading brands. These products are in use not only all over in India but have also been exported in different countries such as Africa, South East Asia, Middle East, and South America. If you want you can get other types of products too over here at a cost effective rate. The company specializes in pathology, organic chemistry, microbiology and sterilization instruments, which you can choose to purchase for school, college labs according to your requirements. If you are planning to make your purchase you can go ahead easily without any hassle. You will never have to be bothered about the buying procedure when you are making your purchases from Medica Instrument Mfg Co.

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