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The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Receptionist

by rubychelmsford

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Starting up a business means finding the right people for specific jobs. However, any upstart must know that there are some jobs that can simply be relegated to other, more experienced people without hiring them in person. For instance, customer service can be outsourced to a reliable virtual receptionist, who also offers a fledgling company the following benefits:

Off-site Assistance

A company that hires virtual receptionists no longer has to allocate additional facilities and manpower just for the simple act of taking calls and answering customer queries. After all, work is done in the receptionist's own office, which may be more well-equipped to handle incoming calls to begin with. This can be very useful for companies that don't have a big workplace and/or budget to operate with.

Available Anytime, Anywhere

Unlike a live receptionist, a virtual receptionist isn't restricted by physical distance in order to work for a client. In other words, it's not an issue if the client company is constantly traveling from one place to another since a virtual receptionist doesn't have to follow them around. Additionally, a virtual receptionist can still take calls beyond the client company's working hours, essentially giving them 24-hour customer service.

More Productivity

This is only to be expected since the client company no longer needs to worry about resources in order to receive calls. Hiring virtual receptionists can also lead to greater productivity since they can perform other jobs like managing emails and proofreading data. This frees up the client from doing more mundane routines, and gets them to focus more on the task at hand (i.e. making money).

Professional Image

Most small companies achieve the impression that they are “big players” simply by outsourcing many of their functions to other companies. For instance, customers may be impressed by the company's friendly customer service, not knowing that they were actually talking with a virtual receptionist hired by the company. In essence, a virtual receptionist can make a fledgling 20-man company appear like a professional and massive enterprise from the customers' perspective.

In other words, a company doesn't need to shoulder everything to keep it running everyday. Even the simple job of managing calls and messages can be delegated to more experienced professionals. Visit to learn more about virtual receptionists.

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