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Your Simple Guide to Taking Better Pictures at a Wedding

by ethanmatthew

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Wedding photography is a lot more challenging than one can imagine. Considering that there are almost no second chances, you need to make sure you get it right the first time as the bride kisses the groom, or when they walk out of the ceremony as man and wife, or when they steal those precious looks at each other during toasts or during their first dance.

Speak to any successful Miami wedding photographer and he will insist that his key to success is that he moved away from taking traditional shots and focus on the wonderful details of someone’s special day!

Here are some easy tips that most Miami wedding photographers strongly recommend -

1. Arriving Early

On your next wedding assignment, works towards creating a story for the bride and groom through the pictures you take. Arrive early and start taking shots of the bride getting ready, as she puts on her final touches, take pictures of the moments she shares with her mother, sister, best friend and father. Spend some time at the venue to take pictures of the pre-ceremony hustle-bustle. This is the best opportunity for you to capture some details of the event that you may not have the time to once the celebrations commence.

2. Always Shoot in Manual Mode

Chances are that you will not be able to use any flash while the ceremony is on. Most Miami wedding photographers prefer using manual mode for this reason. To be able to make the most of the light that exists in the hall, using manual mode gives you sufficient control of the shutter speed and aperture. The ideal thing to do is to make your ISO up to 800+, open up the aperture to wide, put your white balance on auto mode and make your shutter speed as slow as possible to the point that your images do not blurry.

3. Be as Prepared as you can Be

With a myriad of possibilities to get creative with the type of shots you take, as a photographer it is important that you are intuitive about angles and moments you can capture in the due course of the event. A great way to make your intuition work is by spending time with the couple for a few hours before the wedding day. This will help you assess the chemistry of the couple you are shooting and then be prepared to capture some of their best angles on the wedding day.

Do not be afraid to reshoot if you are not happy with a shot. It is important that you are polite and yet assertive when you want the job done. While shooting candid shots, make it a point to focus on the details such as the flowers in the hand of the bridal party, the centrepieces, the glassware, the wedding rings and all other elements that come together to create a memorable event.

About the author:

Ethan Matthew have been writing blogs and articles for more than 5 years and is excited to be apart that provides photography and video filming service in and around Miami. If you are planning your wedding on the exquisite beaches of Miami then feel free to contact Diamond Studios for professional Miami wedding photographer.

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