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Agile Testing Webinar - Jared Richardson and Phil Lew - XBOS

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Almost all development teams are either implementing or thinking of implementing agile (elements). For the most part this can be considered a good thing because it usually leads to greater flexibility and velocity.

But What About QA and Testing?

What changes are needed for QA and testing when an organization adopts an agile development process? How do testers adopt to light weight requirements and short delivery cycles?

XBOSoft continues its QA and Testing webinar series with two veterans in the field who discuss their experiences with agile testing.

Watch this webinar to hear about their lessons learned and best practices.

Topics covered include:

Agile development trends
How to test 'agile'
How to implement scrum
Typical scrum testing bottlenecks and how to solve them
Testing agile requirements
Agile test metrics

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