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Why Consider Emerald Knight Consultants Bamboo Projects

by sabrinagarza

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A type of grass, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing softwoods on earth. While normal softwood takes 10 to 20 years to mature, some types of bamboo grow at a rate of almost three feet per day under ideal conditions. Bamboo grows almost anywhere on the planet, the exception being in areas where it’s frigid all year round.

For years, bamboo has played a significant economic and cultural role in different parts of Asia. While bamboo is still widely used in the Asian continent, the rest of the world has also started tapping into this plant as an alternative to traditional timber. Some investment consultant companies have even initiated projects—such as Emerald Knight Bamboo Projects —to integrate bamboo cultivation into global environmental efforts. These developments do not come as a surprise, as bamboo offers many advantages that suit the world's current needs.

Highly Renewable

With its high rate of growth, bamboo as an investment offers long term economic relief. Because it is a type of grass, and not a tree that needs decades to regenerate, bamboo sprouts right back when it is cut.

More Eco-friendly

Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the air and, in the process, absorbs more carbon dioxide compared with a similar-sized growth of ordinary timber. Bamboo roots also dig deep into the earth, preventing soil erosion and nutrient loss that, otherwise, causes some land to grow barren,. This, in turn, can bring about severe famine. Bamboo should thrive well in Africa and similar environments because grass does not need much water to survive and propagate.

Many Uses

Bamboo has many uses. Traditionally, it is utilized in construction, for firewood, and in the field of culinary arts. Bamboo shoots are often eaten as a salad or used within many Thai and Chinese dishes. Today, more and more industries around the world are using bamboo: as a building material, in fashion, science & medicine, and even the music industry with skilled artisans crafting musical instruments out of bamboo.

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