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Your Data is Precious Value it and Secure it!

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When you think of data theft, you are reminded with the intense scene of the Hollywood movie Mission Impossible 2. Where, Tom Cruise hung upside down from the ceiling of a room that had hi-tech security just to steal a disk that contained some sensitive data. Definitely, no one will hang himself upside down to steal your data. The reason is not that that your data is not much important, but, the reason is that you do not have the similar security measures. Your data is easily available for a crook to have it on his wish. Every single piece of data is important; probably your information might be more important than you think.

Protecting your data is your responsibility; your data is at the aim of your opponents and e-crook all the time. Your personal information, business data, clients’ records, business strategies and many other documents are literally priceless. Data breach figures have been continuously increasing for the past decade, every year data worth millions get stolen or lost. Some facts about information breach are as follows:

  • Data lost through malicious attacks are the most costly way of data breach. Malicious attacks do not only involve the attacks of cyber criminals. But, it also involves the data theft from internal employees. Almost 34 percent of the data is breached through hackers’ attacks. Experts have predicted that data crime will increase at a 10 percent rate annually.


  • Another common way of losing data is lost through the laptops. According to a study that called “The Billion Dollar Lost Laptop Study” revealed that about 45 to 46 percent of the lost laptops contain confidential records. Only 16 percent of the lost laptops have proper security measures that prevent data loss.


  • In the current year of 2013, more than 500 incidents of data breach have taken place. It is fairly a large number of cases.


  • The industry that has suffered the highest number of data breaches is the healthcare industry. A little less than 50 percent of the data leakages last year took place in medical or healthcare industry in the United States of America.


  • 79 of the victims that suffered record loss were not the pre-determined targets. They experienced such loss due to the lack of security measures and ignorance of security rules.


  • Human error contributes almost two-thirds of the data breaches around the world. Human error includes loss of portable storage devices like Memory cards; USB flash drives external hard disks and others.

The incidents of information breach have been increasing ever since the introduction of USB flash drives. These are small drives, can be as small as a thumbnail, can save a huge amount of data. USB flash drive has been ruling the world of portable data storing devices; it has completely replaced storage like Floppy drive. A USB drive that has a capacity of storing just a one GB of data is equal to the storage of 600 CDs. Its portability and compatibility has made it a must have storage device. However, it is quite easy to lose a drive having such a tiny size. A USB drive can leak GBs of data easily, so, you should use software that can Secure USB and prevent data leakage.

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