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How to Determine the Best Stocks to Buy

by batsdatafeed

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Stock market analysis is an art. With thousands of stocks available from the American Stock Exchange (AMEX), the NASDAQ, the BATS Exchange, and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), in addition to Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds and Notes (ETFs and ETNs), how do your website visitors make sense of it all? How do they know which stocks to choose for the best investment?


Of course, there are no guarantees. But by examining End of Day data over a period of time, they can start to see historical patterns emerge. First, your website visitors will determine if the stock that interests them is in an uptrend. They look for a steady rise in price. Next, they’ll look at moving averages, plotting the average price of a stock over time. They’ll compare these averages to discover if the price is higher than the moving averages. Of course, they’ll want to make sure that the volume reflects the trading activity of a certain stock. Finally, they’ll want to be certain that there is stability in the price. They want to avoid stocks that are volatile, or too jumpy. Volume spikes can also be red flags.


Your website visitors want to know the best time to buy a stock. They’ll want to be ready to invest when the price pulls back or retraces to the 20- or 50-day moving average, and when there is a steady rise in the price and volume, combined. These are just some basic guidelines, but they’ll certainly want to seek more information from you about the best financial investments.


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