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Dr Tariq Drabu is a Great Dentist According to His Patients

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When someone is looking for an excellent dentist, they will want to find someone with enough experience so that they are not going to cause more problems.  Dr Tariq Drabu is an excellent choice because he has a lot of experience with many different situations.  He will customize treatment plans for each patient.



Tariq Drabu has a lot of experience with many different kinds of dental treatments.  Practicing in hospitals, as well as in a general dentist office, has really helped him to succeed and become the great dental professional that he is today.  He is a specialist in oral surgery with many years of experience.



Anyone that has Tariq Drabu as their dentist will be presently surprised at the excellent service that Dr. Drabu and his staff will give them.  They will set up appointments that are convenient for their patients and give them the best care possible.  There are several options available for dental care but having a dentist with great customer service and a lot of experience is hard to find.



Dr Tariq Drabu has twenty-five years of experience behind him that will aid in the quality of service that he receives.  He has experience in many different areas of dentistry as well as many areas of the world.  He used to tutor in the Manchester district for people who were wishing to become dentists also.



If he was not such a great dentist, patients would not be coming from all over to be his patients.  They want him to take care of their cleanings and any other treatments along with cosmetic dentistry that they are in need of.  His business is thriving now and his customer base has went from around 1500 patients to over 15,000 patients since 1998.



Having Tariq Drabu as a dentist, patients can be proud to know that they found someone that provides excellent service and cares about the outcome of treatments for his patients.  He offers many different services, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening and much more.  His caring staff will take care of the patients and give them the best care possible.



There are many services that Dr Tariq Drabu is able to perform without the patient needing a referral to another dental professional.  This can be an advantage to his patients.  It is likely that the patients will be able to be treated quicker and by a dentist that has many years of experience behind him.



If someone is considering contacting Tariq Drabu for their dentist, they will want to book their appointment so that they are sure to get in to see him in a reasonable amount of time.  He has many patients to take care of and will need to schedule appointments accordingly.  There are many cleanings and treatments done in one day.


About Us:  Getting the best care when visiting a dentist is going to be important.  The more experience that a dentist has is going to ensure the best care is received.  Tariq Drabu is a great choice to consider.  For more information, you can check out his website at



 215a Wood Street, Middleton,

Manchester, United Kingdom

M24 5RU,0161 643 2428

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