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What we are going to talk here about is the hard thing that dwells in your pipes. Before you start making weird guesses, here we go, we are talking about the hard water that resides there with in your water pipes. Hard water is a result of accumulation of magnesium, calcium and several other metal cautions. Most of us these days have water purifiers at home that use the best technology for eliminating the salts and harmful bacteria present within water. But what about the water that we use for other purposes? We obviously need water for household chores. The salts present in water builds up a layer of lime in the inner area of pipes leading to a restricted flow. In addition, hard water reacts with soap molecules to form a sticky froth, which means you cannot rely over them for washing purpose.

The problems caused due to hard water in Phoenix are no new. If you too are facing the same issues and are looking for worthy solutions, then try out the services of Phoenix water treatment experts. Water treatment process focuses on making the water fit for drinking and for other household and commercial chores. It works by removing all the contaminations and proportions that make the water unfit for use. In order to provide the necessary treatment, various biological as well as chemical processes are being used. These are pre chlorination, disinfection, aeration, desalination, sedimentation. All of these have their own function and work on specific impurity. However, the most prominent method remains to be softening, that is done using quality water softener Phoenix.

Water softening is a technique where in different mechanisms are used to remove the salts from water. The most followed methods for the same are ion exchange, lime softening, and distillation and reverse osmosis.

Ion Exchange – The process works using an ion exchange method, where the ions that are responsible for hardness are exchanged by some other ions. The Ca and Mg ions are hence replaced by Na (sodium) or K (potassium) ions.  

Lime Softening – Under this process, the hard water is treated by addition of lime in the form of limewater. The limewater is then made to go through a carbonation reaction. The result is formation of calcium carbonation in the form precipitate and magnesium hydroxide in the form of sludge. Hence, both calcium and magnesium salts are removed easily.

Distillation – It is a process where different constituents are separated from water on the basis of differences in their volatility and boiling water. This process is a bit complex and is expensive as well, which is why it is being used very often.

Reverse Osmosis – Last but not the least, reverse osmosis is a process that makes use of semi permeable membrane in purifying the substance. The solvents present in an area with low solubility move to the area with higher solubility. The technology is best used for purifying drinking water. Various reverse osmosis Phoenix companies help in purifying water at cheaper rates.  

So what are you still waiting for? Opt for the best water treatment practices and stay healthy.


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