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Buying Jewellery Online

by dennisegilchrist

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Need a time piece? Do you want a fancy one? Or do you want something functional?  People long ago had no watches.  They told time by using an instrument called the hourglass.  What then is an hourglass? It is an instrument that is made up of two vertical bulbs connected to each other and allowing material like sand to trickle down from the top bulb to the bottom bulb.  It is used to measure time in the passage of minutes or an hour of time.   The name hourglass comes from historically common hour timing.   The hourglasses were popular on board ships because they were the most dependable measurement of time while at sea.   Unlike the clepsydra, the use of granular materials instead of liquids gave it a more accurate measurement.  During temperature change, the clepsydra was prone to get condensation inside it. 

Hourglasses were commonly seen in churches to measure sermons, work places to measure the time spent for breaks and homes time measure for cooking.  Basically the hourglass was used to measure time.  In 1500 A.D.  , the hourglass was not as widely used as it had been because of the development of the mechanical clock which was more accurate and cheaper, and making time keeping easier.

A jeweller is someone who makes, repair and sell jewelry.  An hourglass jeweller is someone who makes, repairs and sells time pieces like clocks and watches.  A Jewellery Designer is a person who makes or does original jewelry creation and constructs them as well.  Before jewellery designers originated from goldsmiths.  Present day jewellery designers are professionals who have a knowledge of gemology, metalsmithing doing something artistically in order to cater to the buyers.  Designs are done in a special jewellers model wax or even in silver in order to create a model where many pieces can be cast in gold, silver or platinum.  Australian jewellery designers have  a knowledge of gemology and can recommend stones and the kind of metal that can be used for the type of jewellery for a special occasion- like a gift for a young girl, or for an eighteenth birthday or for a wedding.  Each Australian jewellery designer has a style of his/her own.  Some of the may vary in the material used to make the created jewellery.  A good Australian jewellery designer can create a jewellery piece that is personalized and that will suit the customer’s personality.  So look up these designers so that you get your personalized fine jewelry.  With regards to jewellery online, there a few things that a customer should know before buying jewellery online.  The first thing is that the customer should know the shop- its location identity and contact details.  Find out the reputation of the shop.  Many a shop of good reputation has an online arm to serve their customers.  Then , the customer should find out about guarantees, billing details, and delivery service before making the online purchase.   The fourth thing to do is Read the site’s privacy policy.   Then use only secure websites should you transfer funds through the site.  Be very careful in entering the details before the purchase and then use a credit card which has an online fraud protection.  Record all purchase details and be aware of the different email scams designed to part you from your credit card information.  Should you be aware of these things – buying Jewellery online will not be a problem.


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