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Why cheap net books are best for writers and academicians?

by wolvol

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We have passed the age when writing was primarily done over paper and pencil. Now, most people feel comfortable in typing down their notes on gadgets. There are several reasons behind this. Firstly, it is convenient to have your notes saved in a digital format. The chances of losing the data are less. Besides, it is convenient to flip open the note and survey your past work at leisure times. One does not need to search the shelves for hours to hunt down that year-old manuscript. Since, files and folders can be saved chronologically or alphabetically in gadgets, therefore, it is extremely easy to access them even after months and years.

Computers, laptops and netbooks are fast replacing diaries and papers. Ideally, most writers are opting for cheap netbooks these days. A conventional laptop can be quite expensive. So, those who are cash-strapped would certainly lean towards a cheaper netbook. Plus, these netbooks are smaller in size and hence more convenient for the purpose of writing. Laptop can be quite heavy which would make a writer feel a tad uncomfortable. On the other hand, a conventional desktop computer is fading out in popularity fast. It does not allow the person to choose his place of working. He cannot lie down on the bed or work in the lawn or portico. If you are using a desktop, you would be required to sit right in front of it at its fixed venue.

A lightweight and smaller netbook works on many counts. Since, it is light; it is easy to carry to different rooms or venues. It can be placed on the lap or over the pillow, if the person is wishing to work in a relaxed bedroom atmosphere. Besides, it is smaller and does not put so much pressure on the eye. One of the key issues with a large-screened laptop is that its screen totally arrests your vision and does not allow you that liberty of working in a relaxed way. Cheap netbooks are small and so they do not entirely cut off your line of vision.

Some people detest it when their life gets completely digitized. It is important to keep your eyes free from the harmful rays of the screen. So, small netbook works best. It allows the writers to work tirelessly as there is less strain on the eye.

Even students and academicians are showing a proclivity towards such netbooks. For similar reasons, as mentioned above, these gadgets are enjoying high demands. Apart from being more user-friendly, they are also very affordable. Even if a person vies for a conventional laptop, he may not be able to afford it. Besides, it is always better to buy a top-quality netbook than to buy a laptop of inferior quality.

Young school and college students are also required to take computers to the institutes. It, therefore, makes sense to invest in cheap netbooks which enjoy higher mobility and are relatively inexpensive.


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