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Things to Know Before You Consider Using Contact Lenses

by emzhernandez61

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You are jealous of your closest friend because she's wearing lenses today. She looks more youthful without eyeglasses on her eyes. She can also move without having to worry about her eyewear dropping to the floor. With this, you are considering switching to contacts as well. But wait. You might need to go to your eye doctor in Arizona first and you may want to become knowledgeable about these eye medical devices.

Call for doctor appointment.

Whether you are informed about your eye grade, it is still important that you visit an eye specialist for consultation and eye examination. Notify him regarding your plan. Take with you your prescription eyewear so he could also examine it. Come without having make up on so he can examine your eyes clearly.

Some eyes are not suitable to use this type of eyewear because their eyes are not healthy enough. But if you are blessed, he will give you a go signal to purchase one. He will show you how to put it in and out of your eyes correctly. He will also give you directions on how to take care of them.

Being responsible comes with the use of contacts.

As mentioned earlier, your eye doctor in Arizona will provide you with specific instructions on how to take care of your eyes, how to use contact lenses, when you ought to dispose them and how to clean them. You must ensure that everything you heard are instilled on your mind. Assume responsibility enough to follow them to keep away from damaging your precious eyes.

Don't think of buying based on the brand name, color, value and others.

You need to purchase based on doctor's prescription. They need to have the specific fit pointed out in the paper or else they will lead to eye problem.

Your contact lenses must be ideal to your way of life.

Daily disposable lenses fit you if you are following a busy lifestyle. You have no or little time to do the cleaning every day. You can just throw one pair after use. However, if you are a regular person who leaves home not too early in the morning and comes home before the evening meal each day, extended or rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses are suitable for you. You have ample time to clean these and the case as well.

Prevent wearing these overnight or for longer hours.

Regardless of how tired and sleepy you are make sure to get rid of it before you sleep or as soon as you get back to allow oxygen to pass through your eyes. If not, you'll probably go through irritation or redness, pain and hazy vision.

Oh how you love the thought of going out every single day without your eyeglasses on. There is nothing to keep you from moving and from reading clearly. You are on your way to optical shops but you must wait. Visit first with your eye doctor in Arizona. He can provide you with advises, specifically if you are fit to wear contact lenses and how to put them properly on your eyes.


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