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How to Personalize your Baby Photo Album?

by anonymous

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Ordering a digital album online can feel like handing over the responsibility for your precious album to some complete strangers that may or may not create an album for you that you really love. Still, if you choose the right company, they will do a good job and deliver a professional result to you. To accommodate you personal ideas and wishes, there should be several characteristics of your baby album that any good album design and printing company should allow you to choose yourself.

The cover

First an foremost there is the choice of the album cover. This entails several very important characteristics:

  • The album size

  • The cover color

  • The cover material

  • The cover text

  • The cover photo (if any)

All those are important and can make the difference between a digital album you love and one you merely like. When choosing the cover color you typically chose between going down the classic route (white/black) or creating something slightly more alternative and individual (brown, pink, blue). The choices of material are typically between leatherette (faux leather) and real leather. You MUST be allowed to put a personal cover text on your digital album. This is naturally adding a very personal note to your album. Besides picking the right text, make sure to choose a font-style and font-color you are comfortable with. Also, putting a photo on the front-cover might be a good idea, especially if among your baby photos is one that you simply adore and want to look at as often as possible.

The pages

A good digital album maker should let you choose the page thickness. Thick pages are not only stiffer and harder, but they also make your baby album heavier. Choosing thicker pages will always make your baby album a more substantial object and make it appear more valuable.

The layout design

Naturally, the layout design is the most personal part of your digital album. Your baby album maker MUST allow you to take part in the design process. You should NOT by your baby album from a company that does not allow you to make modifications to the layout design or limits the modifications you are allowed to make to a certain number. I feel very strongly about this point, because no baby album maker knows your personal feelings regarding your wedding and the photos that portrait it better than YOU. And your personal feelings HAVE to be taken into consideration, if the baby album maker wants to create a layout design that satisfies you totally. Before starting the layout design of your digital album, the album maker should allow you to give general directives. Maybe you would like a contemporary looking baby album design with a modern font-style or maybe you prefer something classic that resembles a self-mount album. Your album maker should be open to your wishes and suggestions and design your album accordingly.

The story

Digital albums are great at telling the very personal life story of your baby (or kid). If your photos allow it, you should think of a great story and ask your baby album maker to incorporate it into the baby album design. If you need help with this, please refer to How to structure a storybook baby album and not forget half the story.



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