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Human Masturbation Techniques

by adultmart

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Masturbation is defined as the sexual stimulus of one’s genital by itself.Otherwise defined as the self-orgasm.This self-stimulation is either performed using the hands, fingers, everyday objects or best known sex toys. There are other kind called male masturbators which is masturbation with a partner or partners.

Masturbation techniques of humans focus on various factors which depend on one’s own personal pleasure. These techniques or ways or taste of pleasure vary from male to male depending upon the comfort.

The technique is to let hold loosely the penis with the fist. Then motion is made up and down. From person to person the motion of to and fro varies. Although it is not preferred the speed to increase as ejaculation nears. For males, the foreskin to and fro motion is made to make for stimulation of orgasm. In this the foreskin is gripped and slid up and down. This gripping contact might come in contact with the glans. For avoiding soreness from this friction between the glans and the hand, some may prefer to use a personallubricant during masturbation in humans. The covering up and down of the penis’s foreskin depends upon its length in the rapid motion. The widening or lengthening of the glans continues while the slidingmotion of the foreskin.

Using the index finger and thumb the foreskin is made slide.The penis can be rubbed depending upon comfort which may be against lying face down. Some men prefer to place both hands on their penis during masturbation. The free hand is used to excite and play with their sensory parts of their body. Some station their hand while pumping into it with pelvic thrusts in order to simulate the motions of sexual intercourse. Others use vibrators and sexual devices which are associated with female masturbation. A few flexible male seek fun out of themselves. The put it in their mouth and excite themselves. The nipples in female makes stimulation and during masturbation usually causes the penis to become erect.

The sensitive gland helps to ejaculatefluid to semen. One of the sensitive glands is theprostate gland. This is touch-sensitive. There are some other sensitive glands that stimulate using a well-lubricated dildo which is inserted through the anus into the rectum for seeking a different type of pleasure. All is seeked in different ways to get pleasure out of it. Although stimulating the sensitive glandsby applying pressure, is pleasurable. Men sometimes enjoy anal stimulation, with fingers or without any such stimulation from such sensitive parts.

A convenient ejaculation technique is to put pressure over another sensitive gland. As said earlier this may lead to fun and fill the excitement in us but there are defects also of it. Enjoyment also brings pain in life.

There may be contracted foreskin which may cause trouble.Whenan attempt is made to pull the foreskin back there may be bleeding and causes a lot of pain. The more energy we waste over such thing we get too tired and this in some men causes problems.

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