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Home- Your Heaven Forever

by anonymous

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The place wherever you hang up your panama, where the spirit and mind is, is a connection to the precedent and past, and throughout its door one walks into the future:  home can be many things to one person. According to lot of Georgians, home is the place where they approach since, the place somewhere the folk’s line can be traced from memories and reminders.  Your house is almost a treasure trove of objects because your house is a place where your memories are stored and where you and your family spend good times which become a bundle of memory in future that when you think of it, you get emotional. Memories are of two types; good memories and bad memories

Ethnically speaking, strong ancestry and a firm thought of home, counting a tightly tied neighborhood where deeds and civilization are sharpened in the duration of progress years, build a great structure for kids.  In this model, neighboring school systems, a good market place that is nearby, amusement parks, general store, restaurants and other social and physical centers would in fact mirror the standards of a society and the community.

A house will surely calm you and prosper you if all the factors of your house are perfect, that includes location, neighbors, walking area, car parking area, nearby schools, nearby markets and super stores, restaurants and as well as amusement parks etc.

Location is the most important factor that affects your housing that is if the location is not good that means if many crimes, robbery, mishaps etc take place there so you will be in danger and not be able to get out of your home because of your fear. The location of your house should be prime and modern where no chances of robbery or any other misfortune accidents are less.

Nearby schools is the second most important attribute because of which you choose a house. The school should be near and should be high class.

Life is boring without entertainment and fun. Adding some joy to your life would not charge you so much. A perfect house should have a restaurant or hotels in the vicinity of your house, where you could conveniently take your family every weekend and have fun. Likewise amusement parks and gardens cheer the kids if you take them everyday in the evening after doing their school home work.

Mostly people prefer to walk or jog in the morning and after the dinner too, so there ought to be a good path or walking area where you can safely walk everyday with your pal, mother, father, or your siblings and kids.

A house should have a good structure where you can accommodate easily with your family and it should have enough space where every member of your family can make his privacy.

These are the factors because of which a house is meant to be ‘perfect’ and where each of your family member lives happily, comfortably and with prosperity. If you are looking for a perfect home in Iran, then Irane state is the place for you to consult with the best state agent in the town.

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