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What goes into an indoor tanning lotion?

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An indoor tanning lotion, as the name suggests, is the lotion you apply on your skin when you intend to tan yourself indoors. Many people are turning to indoor tanning so as to avoid the hassles of outdoor tanning i.e. sun tanning. For example, you would need to spend several hours sunning yourself before you get a tan and this would consume a lot of your time. Sun tanning exposes your skin to more harmful UV rays because you will need several hours in the sun before you begin to realize changes in your skin tone. You can get tanned faster and more conveniently with indoor tanning but you'll need a good quality indoor tanning lotion to get the job done.


Unlike lotions for outdoor use, indoor tanning lotions do not block UV rays. Instead, they enable your skin to utilize the UV rays to tan. These lotions are used in tanning salons and on tanning beds. Although there are numerous brands of indoor tanning lotions, they all do more or else the same job and contain almost similar ingredients. One of the most important ingredients in your indoor tanning lotion is melanin. Melanin is the naturally occurring pigment that gives skin a dark tint and is also responsible for blocking UV rays. People with more melanin in their skin have darker hues and may never need to tan. However, if your skin tone is very light, increasing the amount of melanin will result in a darker more appealing hue. This is the reason why you have to go through the trouble of tanning.


Other ingredients you will find in an indoor tanning lotion include tyrosine and a number of natural oil extracts such as tea tree oil. These oils serve different roles in the tanning process. They make your skin respond better to the UV rays by producing a deeper and more even tan. More importantly, their presence helps to keep the skin moisturized. Tanning tends to dry out the skin yet moisture is essential for a proper tanning process. You will not get a satisfying tan if you don't moisturize your skin well during and after the tanning process. Many lotions accordingly contain hempseed oil which is a very good moisturizer. Your tan will last longer if you adequately moisturize your skin.


Very many brands of indoor tanning lotions are available. It’s only by speaking to a professional beautician or tanning expert that you will identify the particular lotion that is ideal for you.


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