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You Can Use One In Your Yard

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There are many reasons for storing water, and depending on you where you live, some reasons may overshadow others. These are the traditional water tanks that have been used for ages in the house.

There are lot of advantages of using steel. They can resist fire and are termite proof as well. As well as, they are not affected by the harsh weather. Their sturdiness is what still makes them popular. Even the plastic, fiberglass or poly tanks could not replace in terms of durability.

Choosing the right tank for your processing needs is not a decision without options. Some of the choices include stainless steel tanks, alloy tanks, steel tanks, fiberglass tanks, glass lined tanks. Each option offers its own advantages and drawbacks for specific tasks. This can range from performance to longevity to cost, but making the decision for which type of tank best suits your needs will most likely be a balancing of pros and cons on the part of the purchaser.

When building a new production or disposal tank battery, energy companies will install either fiberglass or steel tanks. Currently there is a myth that lightning strikes fiberglass tanks more often than steel tanks. The truth is that lightning strikes fiberglass and steel tanks equally. Ways to make fiberglass tanks equally or less susceptible to lightning strikes than steel tanks while still providing the additional advantages of corrosion control and lower cost. Lightning usually strikes grounded objects near the base of the thundercloud. Tanks made of different materials have no lightning strike attachment advantage over each other. It is most important to understand that most tanks are not lost to direct lightning strikes. Rather, they are more commonly lost to secondary effect arcing that ignites flammable gases. Steel and fiberglass are different materials that need to be protected in different ways.

The first concern is arcing from secondary lightning effects which can be remedied by bonding across the top of a tank battery. A steel tank is inherently bonded to the catwalk, thief hatch and metallic plumbing attachments. A fiberglass tank instead isolates these metal bodies which float as islands across the top of the tank. Stainless steel is a bit of a misnomer-it does in fact stain. It would be more apt to call it stain resistant as opposed to stain proof or stainless. It is also much more resistant to corrosion or rust compared to ordinary steel. This makes it an attractive option for use in any industry that uses corrosive or acidic materials that wear through their typical tanks and equipment in a short period of time. Steel tanks are easy to install and are quite economical. In fact, they can be installed very quickly. They are the ready made tanks unlike the concrete ones. You can find steel water tanks in just about any store that specializes in water storage.

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