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Fotografi di matrimoni requires a highly skilled photographe

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Matrimonial photography is a special kind of photography. All kinds
of photography require certain skills. Some of those skills are an
alert mind, a thorough knowledge of the use of the different functions
of different cameras so that you know which one is the best to use in
which occasion, knowledge of the use of light and various angles etc. A
marriage photographer would need all these skills and more. That is why
most people prefer to get their fotografo napoli done by professionals rather than amateurs.

fotografi di matrimoni
includes taking photographs and videos of the event, editing them, i.e
touching up the photos and videos, mixing them and cutting parts off,
and arranging the album that would go to the couple. The photographer
must make good use of the venue. Different people like different places
for their marriage. Some people like the quiet of a church, while some
others like it out in the open. Some people like to go abroad to marry,
some prefer their homeland. Every place has something that makes the
couple choose that place. A photographer’s job is to capture the flavor
of the place that attracted the couple in the first place, because the
couple is the photographer’s clients and the clients must like the job.
If possible, ask the couple what they like about the place if you get
an opportunity before the day of the marriage.

The photographer must also capture the social essence of the event. By
social essence we mean the interactions between people, the emotions
that fly, the gestures that are made, the acts that happen and so on.
All these make up the event that marriage is. These create the mood of
the event. This of course does not mean that the photographer must try
and capture the exact mood of the event all the time. Sometimes the
mood might not be very pleasant, it might be grumpy or disturbed. Then
the photographer’s duty is to get the material that would make the
event look positive. In order to get the right material the
photographer must take note of the key places and times of the event.
The shot that is generally the moment of the marriage is where the
rings are put on the bride and the groom and they kiss each other with
the pronouncement of their marriage. This moment is sure to be on the
wedding video, so the photographer must know how to take this shot
best. There are other times of the event when a photographer can get
good material for the video and album, such as the feast after the



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