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Safety Driving Tips That Duty-bound Burlington Car

by stellecourney

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Don't go traveling around Burlington, Ontario like the wind, knowing that driving around the area is truly a snap. Instead, slow down, and find the time to stop by the city hall (please a parking meter use ) and thank the local government of Burlington, Ontario, for its Road Maintenance Program. With this service, the government has actually been able to keep a safe travel ground, do away with risks to pedestrian and motorists, and shield the city's financial investments by preventing progressive deterioration of curbs, gutters, and pavements.

With everything smoothly laid out for drivers, Burlington car owners ought to assume the responsibility of driving securely. Though developments in technology will continue to help reduce automobile accidents and fatalities, human mistake has a persistent means of forcing itself into any safety system. So whatever you're doing before going on the road, remember to slow down and read these safe driving ideas.

Drive Sober

Never ever drive drunk. About thirty percent of all auto accident deaths in Canada are the result of having motorists impaired by alcohol. Alcohol reduces reaction time and brings about blurred or double vision. Driving under the influence isn't only stupid, as everyone knows, (ignorance of the law excuses no one), it's also a crime. The solution is quite easy, have a designated driver before you drink.

Seat Belts for Safety

Put on seat belts properly. Seat belts have saved about a thousand lives in this country. Regardless if they're drivers or passengers in cars from Hamilton or trucks going to Toronto, every driver is asked to wear it. Without having seat belts, you can careen into the dashboard or side window, or even crash through the windshield in a car accident. If you're part of the seven percent who do not use a driver's seat belt, you'll need every luck as you might well belong to the forty percent of fatalities in vehicle collisions.

Defensive, Not Aggressive

Practice defensive driving. Always maintain a safe distance between you and the auto ahead. Adhere to the three-second rule. Raise it to six seconds during nighttime and harsh weather conditions. Never over speed. Do not worry, it doesn't make you less of a man. Being less of a man is to be lifeless, done for, a kicked bucket.

If you treasure your life, or at the very least, care for your passengers, observe these simple pointers. For more car safety ideas, please go to

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