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The Top Places to Find Your Misplaced Jewelry

by anonymous

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Well, jewelries, umbrellas, and specs were born to get misplaced. If you love your jewels and have a surprisingly large collection of ornaments, you will understand the pain and effort that go into safely keeping your jewelries in place. The misplaced jewelries are not always easy to find out and you will be really lucky if you can lay your hands on one of those lost pairs in a jiffy. With the hectic lifestyle and increasingly tough to achieve work-life balance taking a toll on our attention and concentration, it is becoming all the more tricky to keep track of your charmingly delicate and often exorbitantly priced jewelries. We will give you a list of top places where you can find your misplaced jewelries:

  • The very first place where you can start looking for the missing one is your jewelry box. Sounds funny? But if you have stacked jewelry boxes with multiple pockets and thick velvet covers, chances are there that the dainty stud or nose pin got lost inside the layers
  • The surrounding area around your bed. The split between the bed and the table or bed and the wall are the exclusive places where a lost ornament like sleek rings, earring backs can hide for quite a long time.
  • If you stay in office for a long time and mostly bound in a desk job, make sure that your rummage through your office drawer and folders, if you have un-mindfully kept your understated corporate jewelries. Chances will be pretty high if it turns out that your place is crowded and unorganized.
  • Check out your handbag and every nook and cranny of it. It will also give you just the right cause to throw away the unnecessary bills, papers, or cards you have stocked inside it. The best part is that most women often find their misplaced jewelries inside their handbags. So give it a try.
  • If you are looking for a long lost jewelry that belonged to mother or grandmother, the best places are the corners of her cupboard, your home, and for vintage ornaments search through the old homesteads. Do not forget to arm yourself with a metal detector and a light. You might just end up finding something far more valuable and far older than you ever thought about finding.

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