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Tips When Considering to Buy A Family Cottage in Bobcaygeon

by irmagreer

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The mortgage interest rates are very attractive now in Canada. Are you dreaming of buying a family cottage in front of a lake? Before you rush out of your home and head to the waterfront of Kawartha, read our tips below so you can make an informed decision whether it is for Bobcaygeon cottages or cottages for sale in Haliburton.


The internet is a great place to start to do your research if you want a piece of real estate in front of a lake. You can also ask family and friends who might have bought cottages before. Ask them about the pros and cons of such real estate properties. Personal experience is more than what you can ask for in case you want to gauge if the lifestyle fits you.


Consider the total cost that you need to deal with. Aside from the tag price of the property, you have to factor in taxes, inspections, surveys, and professional fees. You also have to forecast how much the property will be in case you want to re-sell it in the future.

Income Potential

Aside from making it your vacation home, you can rent out these cottages. You can cover some of your operating costs if you will rent out the property when you are not using it.


You bought several Bobcaygeon cottages thinking of their income potential but it will be a problem if you or potential renters cannot get to them easily. Make sure you know the details if you need to access the property by water or by road. You also have to check the road ownership, road maintenance, and how accessible it is during the winter.


Before buying cottages for sale in Haliburton, make sure you know details on ownership of the shoreline. Will it have allowances that will belong to the local government? Who else has access to the shoreline? Will it be okay to alter the shoreline? These are just some questions you want answered before you sign any papers.


While you want the great view and atmosphere, you also want to make sure that you have basic services for your family cottage. Will there be issues on phone lines or electricity? Also find out about nearby establishments such as grocery stores, hospitals, marina, among others.

Water Source

You might be surrounded by a body of water but you have to ask you realtor where you can get the water to use at the cottage. There are several possibilities. You might have your own well, get it from the municipal supply, or collect it from the lake itself.

Water Levels

Water levels will fluctuate from season to season. When considering cottages for sale Haliburton, you need to know if this will cause you some problems or not. Will the fluctuating water affect boating, swimming, and other activities that you want to do with your family and friends.

Cottage Culture

Most likely, you will not be the lone cottage in front of the lake. Ask if there is a cottage association and if it remains active through the year. There are associations that organize activities for the owners and their families and it can be really enjoyable for all.


The interest rates at the moment are quite attractive. If you are looking for Bobcaygeon cottages or cottages for sale Haliburton, please visit us at

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