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Web design Jacksonville FL that turns customers away

by TedRobertson

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Your website is the place where you interact with customers if you are doing business on the web. This is where you display your products and services and entice people to buy. In spite of your best effort and the goodness of your products and services, your website may not be making any sales at all. What could be matter with the customers? Don't they see how hard you've worked to put together such a wonderful website complete with incredible bargains? The problem is that your website is turning customers away even before they discover the goodies buried in it. Unless you do some radical surgery on it, it will continue floundering and you'll eventually shut down shop. Web design Jacksonville FL is a hugely important factor in the success or failure of an online business.


It's not possible to list all the stuff that customers hate in a website but here are some of the major ones that even you will agree with. The first thing is a slow-loading website. Loading speed is determined to a large extent by the web design. A number of things have a bearing on loading speed one of which is the graphics used in the website. It's good to display quality pictures of products but quality graphics require plenty of memory hence the slow loading. A compromise must thus be struck between the quality of graphics and memory size so that the website will display good pictures without sacrificing speed.


Web design Jacksonville FL should be done bearing in mind that customers use different devices to access the web. A website may look splendid on your own computer but have you tested it on a variety of devices including mobile phones and tablets? Customers hate websites that display poorly on their devices, for example, failing to resize to fit a smaller display or the text and pictures getting all mixed up. This issue is can be fixed by simply making a flexible website that will render well in different devices.


Many web designers are unfortunately more interested in proving their prowess than creating websites that'll attract customers and sell. You may thus end up with a very colorful website loaded with eye-catching stuff that adds no value to the customer. Flamboyant web design Jacksonville FL is not necessary for a business website and is likely to turn some customers away. Your website may stand out because of appearance but if that is all that can be said about it then you are still a long way from profitability.


Overwhelming customers with information is another major web design Jacksonville FL sin committed by many website owners. Customers don't come to a retail website looking for a free encyclopedia. They only want to buy something. While relevant content is good for a website, people won't read long rambling texts about your products. These can be left for blogs instead. Contents should be updated regularly and obsolete material purged from the website. It's certainly disconcerting to come to a website only to find the same literature that was posted three years ago.


Unfocused web designis yet another issue that annoys customers. Focusing on a specific market segment and solely targeting it increases chances of getting customers because it enables you to provide products and content that is relevant to that market segment. Trying to cater to so many diverse customers at once will result in an unwieldy website that customers won't find very appealing.



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