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Is Google Nexus 7 worth the money?

by anonymous

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Recently, Google has come up with a smart and high end table that has taken the technology market to storm. This table is named Google Nexus 7. This device will cost you around AED 999. let us find whether it is worth its money or not. This tables runs on Android Jellybean operating system and features a SUPER fast Tegra-3 processor- dual core. The dual core processor of the tablet makes it easy for you to work on this device. It allows to open various applications at the same time. The Jellybean operating system comes with a lot of built in application and few among them are Navigation, Maps, Chrome, Youtube, Google Earth and much more. You will found thousands of more applications on Google Play store with many ad sponsored choices. Google Nexus 7 is available in two versions, first versions were available in 8 GB and 16GB and other one is available in 32 GB and 64 GB.

It has 7” display with super crisp resolution of 1280x800, making the screen look crystal clear and refreshing. You will be able to navigate through its menu with fluent stroke of the finger because of its butter like screen transition. The high end feature of this tablet allows you to swiping, pinching, throwing, dragging smoothly as butter. Overall this tablet is an excellent device to use with excellent responsiveness.

The best thing about this device is the wi fi feature. This feature allows you to download many thing. Since it is a Google product, therefore it is flooded with plenty of Google services like GMAIL, Google Docs, Calendar, Google Drive, Google Music and much more. Thus, you can have every Google web app in your hand. It is a great choice for everyday use and its features definitely has something to do with it. This small and light weight device is easy to hole in one hand. You can type on it easily. The weight of this device is not much. In fact it is not much more than a paperback book. So, you can carry it almost anywhere and use it as a smartphone as well.

All in all the features of Google Nexus 7 are very interesting and useful. Of course , it has certain pros and cons, the decision to buy it or not it is up to you. In my opinion, this smart device is worth investing the money.

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