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Does Repositioning Digital Aerials Give Better Signal?

by swethar

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The bad thing about the analogue signals is that they mostly give out a poor quality reception while with digital aerials, you get much sharper images and better quality sounds.  On the flip side, the analogue signal had the capacity to travel far and wide without much effort but if you want to receive a good digital signal, some repositioning of the digital aerial might be required.

Here are some of the most crucial factors that affect your digital signal reception:

Distance and Obstructions:  Though the quality of the digital signal is much better than the analogue one, the strength is not as great.  That is why you may find that if you live very far away from a digital broadcasting tower, you may receive no signal at all, no matter what you do!  Besides the distance, there are other factors like bad weather, tall building, trees or mountains may completely disrupt signal.  A major difference between analogue and digital signals is that in analogue you may get various levels of clarity on your television while in digital you either or you do not and no amount of repositioning of your digital aerial will help then. 

Type of antenna:  To ensure that you receive a good digital signal, you first have to ensure that your antenna is capable of receiving the signal.  The analogue signals used VHF band while the digital ones use UHF bands. If the antenna supports both the formats, there is a better chance of receiving a good signal.  A good way to determine whether your indoor antenna is digitally enabled is to see whether they have the horns for the VHF and the loop for UHF signal reception.  If you are in good area where signal strength is good, a simple indoor antenna will be good enough.  Try to keep the antenna in a higher position facing the direction of the transmission tower.  If you are receiving transmission from various directions, use multiple antennae to avoid constantly repositioning your digital aerial.

Analogue Television: Man might not know this, but if you have an ancient analogue television, you will not be able to receive the digital signal and even if you do, the results would be far from being satisfying.  For this, you need to buy a digital to analogue converter box so that your TV can decode the signals it is receiving.

Far Far Away:  Some people who live far away from towers near mountains or places with a lot of disturbance must reconcile with the fact that no amount of repositioning of digital aerials will help them receive good enough signal.  They either have to rely on digital satellite or online television services, if you get a good internet speed.

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