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Screening Requirements in BPO Industry

by authbridge

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Business Process Outsourcing- this is one sector which has turned into a big, billion-dollar industry in India, gaining momentum in the last 10-15 years. And, this is also one industry which has faced many fraudulent cases in the past at every hierarchical level. There are few characteristics of BPO industry that sets it apart from other industries.

Confidential information- A huge deal of confidential information is dealt with on a daily basis. Client-sensitive data is being sent by the overseas client, critical processes are being to use almost every day. This makes BPO companies susceptible to the risk of leakage in sensitive information and data theft.

Hiring practices- Given the magnitude of work involved, BPO sector has flooded the country with a huge number of jobs across the hierarchical levels. Even in the current times, volume of hiring in BOP sector is comparatively higher that in other sectors. Since the hiring is done in bulk, the risk of wrong hiring also runs high.

As been pointed out above, the characteristics that sets BPO companies apart from the rest also makes exposes it to few hazards. The risk of data theft is not only about faulty application of organizational controls. Data theft has to do a lot with the persons involved in it, thus, boiling it down to the quality of hiring.

The quality of hiring can be improved with the enhancement in robustness of hiring processes. Adding the element of employee screening (or employee background checks) can make a BPO company’s hiring process much reliable than before. Overseas companies, especially companies in the US, swear by background screening.

The BPO sector in India is gradually becoming mature. The growth of business and the consequent requirement of data security has ushered the companies into imbibing verification practices. Here are the reasons why BPO industry is turning to employee screening and employee background checks. Requirement of overseas clients- this is one of the foremost reasons which introduced the Indian BPO sector to background verification practices. Overseas clients have a preference for companies that have a screening policy in place.

Workforce quality- employee screening is one tool that helps in improving the quality of new-hires. Verifying the background of prospective employees will give them a better picture as to whether the prospective employee would be a ‘fit’ for the job. With employee background verification to their rescue, the companies in BPO sector are doing their bit to ensure that they hiring people who will work in the interest of the organization

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