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Jordan tours from Jerusalem: Tips and advice for travelers

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Jordan is a fascinating destination and an epitome of the Middle East Asia’s historic past. This country has always drawn a huge number of interested travelers and there is no reason why one must not plan a trip down here. These days, it is easy and cheap to arrange Jordan tours from Jerusalem without any hassle. Most experts say that Jerusalem and Jordan can be conveniently clubbed together under a single package. This arrangement has several advantages. It helps you to save a lot of money and it also brings down your investment of time. Besides, it is the best way to check the top attractions of both the places.

However, before planning your Jordan vacations, you better equip yourself with some tips, info, advice and trivia about the place:

  1. Safety: Most tourists have this query related to the safety of Jordan. It is true that some of the neighboring countries of Jordan are completely unsafe and have been slaughter houses for humans in recent times. However, Jordan, on the contrary, is a world away from those dingy regions and is completely safe. So, if you are facing any insecurity regarding the same, you should immediately drop all your fears and travel to this country without any worry.
  2. Attire: Jordan as a country and as a society is not as liberal as other western countries of the world. There is a strong sense of tradition in this part of the planet and you, as a tourist, must respect it completely. Women are required to attire themselves adequately and must not show skin. If you are straddling on the beaches or in swimming pools, then, of course, you can shed some of your clothes and walk around in tiny pieces. But on roads and while sightseeing, you must refrain from wearing skin-showing garments.
  3. Photography: Your Jordan tours from Jerusalem will bring you before many photogenic sites. While it is quite okay for you to take snaps of the ruins and landmarks, you must not be very liberal with taking personal clicks of random strangers. Even if you desire to click a man or a woman, you must seek the necessary permission of the person without running your finger over the camera. You should be particularly discreet while taking pictures of the local women and must not do anything which shows them in bad light.
  4. Tipping: During your Jordan vacations, you are likely to travel in cabs and to visit restaurants. There is no problem or any issue in giving tip to the waiter or the attendant in the restaurants. You, however, do not need to give any tip to the taxi driver, unless you are in a charitable mood which would surely bring a smile to his face.
  5. Medicine: Jordan has got enough medical stores and hospitals to take care of tourists in case they fall sick. Nevertheless, you are advised to carry some basic medicines.

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