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RC & RC Helicopters

by radiocontrolled

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RC vehicles and remote control helicopters are not just for kids. Although kids do enjoy speeding around a parking lot with their small scale Porsches, climbing rock piles with an RC monster truck or else dominating the skies with their replica fighter airplanes, adults also love to go back to their childhood days, controlling a boat to “rescue their buddies” or flying a chopper into “opponent territory to save a platoon from certain doom.”

Helicopters can be, in some or the other cases, very difficult to master due to pitch (movement forward and even back along a horizontal axis), roll (banking or leaning left to right) and yaw (the movement of the copter along with the vertical axis) and the fact that remote control helicopters can move in any direction instantaneously. Also, adding up to the challenge and fun is controlling the main rotor blades. A fixed pitch helicopter means that the rotor blades are fixed into only one point and the altitude is determined by the speed or “revelations per minute” of the blades while pitch and roll are dictated by two separate servos those are attached to the rotor head and might be tilted in the direction you need your helicopter to go.

Some other kind of copter is the “collective” pitch helicopter; this means, that the angle of the main rotor blade can be changed to achieve a more constant gyroscopic speed.

Yes, this all sounds very technical and dry but once you grow accustomed to flying a RC helicopter, you will find many hrs of fun as well as enjoyment to be had flying these wonders of gadget making equipment. Such as other remote control vehicles, you have many different types of RC helicopters to be found in the market today. The electric dual rotor is presumed to be the simplest of all RC copters to flee. All these are generally more for balanced and learning in one’s plot whereas the single engine rotor type that may be used more for limited exercises. Though it may look as if easy, much patience is needed but most likely, you’ll collide a lot. Have no fear, control will come with time and then there’s the Nitro type that is for experienced flyers only and most be flown on approved flying fields. This is for the big dogs.

These are a few things you can enjoy and learn about RC vehicles, namely helicopters. Go out and enjoy flying the friendly skies.

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