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I think it is logical to assume that  everyone knows working at elevated heights can be dangerous. It is not the fall, but the sudden cease that inflicts serious bodily injury or death, and clearly; no employer or worker desires this. No worker deserves to be seriously injured or killed while merely trying to support his or her relatives. legal recruitments

A law regarding the use of a mobile access platform and training was established on 6 April 2005 that applies to any and all work where there is a risk of injury due to a fall at heights over two meters. This law was amended two years later to cover "the training and leadership" of personnel who will be working at heights.

Properly conducting access platform training and by using a well maintained and correctly functioning mobile access platform are factors in helping keep workers safe.

Regulations have clearly placed the responsibility on any person "controlling the work of others", i.e. employers, managers and owners of buildings, even the self-employed to make sure the safety of workers. law recruitment

one. Can elevated work be avoided? If so, avoid it.

In general, the law requires the use of logic.

two. What are the potential hazards? The risks must be evaluated.

a. Wet, slippery surfaces, fragile surfaces, inclines with poor footing, close propinquity to energized power sources, disagreeable weather and potential fall distances are a few hazards that must be thought about.

three. Eliminate the risks if feasible, or reduce them. Plan and organize the work. How are you able to train and equip your workers to minimize the risks and reduce the potential of falls?

a. Fall restraints such as guardrails

b. Fall arrest equipment such as five point body harnesses, safety ropes or lanyards, safety nets or even air bags to reduce distance and severity of falls

four. What equipment is best suited for the work?

a. Mobile access platforms are often an ideal tool for such work.

i. They ought to be properly maintained and ought to be inspected at the beginning of each shift to make sure proper and safe operation.

ii. Secured guardrails to restrain personnel

iii. five point body harnesses with lanyard secured to the back of the body harness and to a connection point on the platform


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