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Some myths about the Sextoys

by anonymous

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Vibrators are only for the lonely losers. This myth is true because it has been discovered that only three quarters of American women use vibrators. Laura Berman, a Chicago Sex research, revealed that married women use the sextoys more than the single women. She further discovered the learned women uses the vibrator more than the less educated women.


Only unreal men use vibrators with their partners. A more recent survey carried by the University of India Institute revealed that 45 percent of the men who took part in the survey have at least once used a sextoy or vibrator with their marriage partner. One out of ten Americans uses vibrators every month.


If any woman asks his man to use a vibrator on her then there is some problem with her. It is true that the vibrators make the woman to come to the occasion and get orgasm. Women who do not orgasm easily are not abnormal sexually. They only need more than what the normal fingers can do on them. They need more stimulation than a mouth can offer them. The American Medical Journal Association showed that 25% of the women face this challenge.


If a woman request for a vibrator then the problem must be the man. This myth is not necessarily true. It wise that the couple speaks out and discovers what makes the other to experience orgasm better. The man should go according to the woman’s sexual rhythm. It should be sensual and slow, engage the whole body, playful and not to irritate or fixate the genitals. As long as the man does his part well, then there is no problem with him even if the woman calls for a vibrator to get orgasm.


Men are replaced by the sextoys. This myth is wrong.  The man provides, more than a vibrator can. The vibrators cannot kiss the woman; it cannot embrace, hold, lift, provide warmth in bed, tell a story/joke, or listen to the woman’s cries. The vibrator only gives the woman the good stimulation that they need.


Sextoys make women useless to the man. This myth is not real, at least according to my understanding. Driving des not destroy one for walking. In the same way vibrators and other toys does not make women not to enjoy having sex with men. The vibrators only drive the woman to orgasm faster than when with a man. These sextoys does not make the woman unresponsive to the man in bed.


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