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Bio fouling: An overview

by HarryPotterish

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Bio fouling can simply be defined as the undesirable attachment of microorganisms to a surface that has been in contact with water for a long period of time. This occurs quite often in seawater coolant heat exchangers. Bio fouling occurs in two different forms: microbial fouling occurs when microorganisms like bacteria, slime and algae attach themselves to wetted structures and macrobial fouling occurs when larger organisms like mussels, seaweeds and mollusks among other organisms attach onto wetted structures.

Merus GmbH has come up with projects that are meant to fight microorganisms in cooling systems. However, it is important to note that these projects may take a year or even more for them to totally eliminate the growth of these organisms. This company has come up with complex and sensitive applications that require precise planning and implementation. Once these applications are implemented to completion an individual will no longer require chemical treatments and this will translate into lots of savings. Contact to get expert advice on how to deal with bio fouling.

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